Conference Calls

Looking for a free and functional conference call solution?  UberConference is probably what you are looking for.  It is free, and you can add up to 17 people on a call.  It is a very visual environment allowing you to see a picture of the person currently speaking, as well as allowing you to mute participants or to stop them from hearing part of the conversation.  Check them out:

Small Business Performance Reviews

The topic of Performance Reviews is sometimes a heated one. Some people hate them, some people love them.  I think Performance Reviews are useful when used to track business objectives, and when used to facilitate detecting performance issues and communicating them in a timely matter – not just once a year -.  But how to manage them if you are a small business?  using the right performance review tool is the key.  A good tool should allow a small business to do this in a seamless manner.

So if you haven’t checked out Small Improvements, what are you waiting for?  It is free for teams up to 10 people and very reasonably priced for larger teams.  To learn more, go to the Small Improvements site.

How is your Balance Sheet doing?

As an entrepreneur and with so much of our focus on profitability, it is sometimes easy to forget about our good old friend “the balance sheet”.

So what if I asked you that this question… “How is your balance sheet doing?”. I am not sure most people would know exactly what to answer, but here is a quick way for you to know the answer:

Check for business solvency by checking your ratio of current assets to current liabilities.

  • If that ratio is less than one, your business is in danger of going bankrupt.
  • If it’s less than 0.8 you are really in trouble as you are on your way to running out of cash.

So do you know now how your balance sheet is doing?

Does your New Business Offers Natural products?

If your new business is built around the offering of natural products, you should definitely consider joining Abe's Market. Abe's Market is an online market for sellers of natural products that goes beyond access to new clients.  Their buyers are all looking for natural products, they provide an easy way to upload and manage your products, they give you the ability to chat with clients, have conversations with them and truly sell the benefits of your brand.  Plus they have great marketing tools and good PR.  To learn more about Abe's Market, see Why Join

Are you an Entrepreneur and also a Mom?

A lot of us spend our days balancing out our responsibilities as moms and our responsibilities as entrepreneurs.  It is not an easy task but I see it as having the best of two worlds. 

Sometimes however it is hard to keep the balance. If you find yourself needing ideas for work life balance, time management, project management, planning for business and life, one of the best resources you can find online is  Check them out!


Are You Still Invoicing via Snail Mail?

There has got to be a better way than printing an invoice, putting it in an envelope, printing a label, printing or just gluing postage, mailing it out and waiting for days to receive payment.

If you are curious about a "better" way to manage your invoices, check out They offer web-based billing and payment services with features such as multiple language and currency support, multiple payment gateways, recurring billing and much more.

And if you need invoicing plus bill management, try

Check them out and share your experience with us.